My nephew Steven Huynh started taking piano lessons at Russian Music Academy since he was five. I’ve checked out a lot of music schools in the area and this is far the best one. The lessons are very affordable and the teachers are knowledgeable with years of experiences teaching kids at varying levels.
Karen Tieu.

Our three children Beryl, Chloe and Trevor have been attending the Russian Music Academy for over three years now. Unlike many other children we know who dislike piano lessons, our children enjoy studying piano and playing in front of audience, large or small. This is due, in large part, to their wonderful Russian-trained teachers who are very professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable of proper piano technique and music theory. We would not hesitate to recommend prospective students of all ages or levels to this academy.
Lorraine Tong and Terence Tsang.

Mrs. Rita, Thank you for putting in effort to teach me piano. I admire your talent and I wish you to keep striving for your best. Brian Tran.

"Mrs. Rita is a great piano teacher. She has spent her whole life playing the piano, and she uses
her experience to help students play the piano properly. Her academy teaches students how to
read notes correctly. She teaches her students how to apply dynamics to every song to give it
meaning, and she teaches her students how to use proper techniques when playing a song.
The genres of songs the students play are various which include: classical, jazz, romance, and
pop. Taking your children to her academy is a wise investment because they will learn how to
play the piano like an expert. I know because I was her student for many years. She knows what
she's doing."
Kent Tran.

Con gái tôi bắt đầu học piano ở trường Russian Music Academy lúc 6 tuổi, nay đã được 4 năm. Cháu tiến bộ rất nhanh nhờ phương pháp giảng dạy rất hay cộng với sự tận tình hướng dẫn của các thầy cô với bằng cấp âm nhạc rất cao. Tôi rất thích trường có các buổi hòa nhạc và recital, đó là dịp cho các em thực tập, làm quen với sự trình diễn trước rất đông khán giả. Các cháu tôi cũng đã học ở trường này rất lâu năm. Tôi xin thành thật cám ơn các thầy cô. Kính chúc các thầy cô luôn dồi dào sức khỏe để tiếp tục hướng dẫn cho con em chúng tôi.
Ông Hùng – El Monte

Russian Music Academy has taught me to appreciate and enjoy music. Without the help of the teachers; I would have not been able to advance to higher level of music.
Brian Bui, RMA student.

Russian Music Academy has a group of professional teachers that can help a student reach their
full potential in music. Students who have studied music theory at the Russian Music Academy
have received Certificates of Merit from Music Teachers Association of California and passed with
top scores! Thank you for bringing out the talent in my kids!
Lune Bui, parent of two music students.

The teachers of RMA not only taught me piano, but also taught me to look at music in a whole new way.
Ronald Tran, RMA student.

Russian Music Academy is the best Music School in this area. The teachers teach with their
heart and enthusiasm. Thank you for teaching our children to enjoy music.
Ronald’s Tran mom.

I sent my daughter to many private piano schools, but they never satisfied me as much as RMA
did. When I enrolled her in, I really was impressed by what they have taught her. My daughter
has been there ever since 2008. I like the teachers for their friendliness, willingness, enthusiasm,
and efficiency. They are knowledgeable, patient, motivated, and give clear explanations.
I recommend RMA for everyone I know.
Christine Han.

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