Tuition and Payments

Private ½ hour lesson $2o ($80/100per month)
Private 45 minutes lesson $30 ($120/150 per month)
Private 1hour lesson $40 (160/200 per month)
Group theory ½ hour lesson $8 ($32/40 per month)
Group theory 45 min. lesson $12 ($48/60 per month)

Tuition payment terms are on a monthly basis. Each student will receive 4/5 lessons per month,
depending on the amount of weeks in a month. Payments are to be made within the first two
weeksof each month or $10 late fee will be charged.

One dollar discount per each lesson will be considered in certain situations such as lessons taken
by two or more children in the same family or lessons taken twice a week.

The student is responsible for notifying the Academy at least 24 hours in advance for any
missed or cancelled lesson. Non-emergency cancellations, last-minute cancellations, and
“no-shows” will necessitate charging the full lesson fee for the unused time reserved for the

Tuition fees are subjects to change.

Entrance Interview

We want you to find success, rich your musical potential and goals. Our complimentary entrance interview is designed to:

  • To give parents and students an overview of what our Academy is about and how students can be successful in their musical endeavors
  • To identify the student’s and applicable parent’s goals, desires and expectations
  • To determine musical abilities of a beginner
  • To evaluate sight-reading and performance skills, actual level, good or poor study habits of transferred students
  • To explain to both student and parent the importance of home practicing


By prior arrangement the cancelled lesson can be re-scheduled with a make-up lesson and no
additional cost will be assessed.

Tardiness is not tolerated. If a student is late for their lesson, no additional time will be added,
since next student has to start on time. If the teacher is late for the lesson, then the student will
still receive the remaining time of the lesson.

Parents may drop off and leave their children under the supervision of the teacher for the
duration of the lesson. Students will not be allowed off the school premises unless their parents
come to pick them up.

Parents should notify the Academy at least two weeks in advanced for planned vacation. Since
our teachers have a full schedule, any student that misses more than 3 to 4 weeks of class in a
row, is not guaranteed the previous scheduled time upon return. Payment is not expected for
vacation time if notified in advance.

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