“We want our students to love and feel the music, enjoy playing instruments and share their excitement with family and friends.” Russian Music Academy.

  Our Russian Music Academy was established years ago. Mrs. Margarita (Rita) Dolukhanova is the
owner and piano and theory teacher of the Academy. Mrs. Rita started playing piano at the age of
six. She received her Bachelor of Music Degree from the Tashkent (the 4th largest city of the former
USSR) State Music College and Master of Music Degree from the Tashkent State Conservatory.
In that same year, Mrs. Rita joined the staff of the top ranked Music Academy in Tashkent and was
elected one of the chairpersons overseeing 25 teachers in their Piano Department. Mrs. Rita has over
25 years of teaching experience in Russia and the USA maintaining an active membership in Music
Teacher Association of California (MTAC)
“At work I try to surround myself with professionals who love their job, who love children, and
who not only provide instruction, but give their heart and affection to students they teach.”

  People come to us with different desires. Some students desire to learn music so they can continueTeachers
pursuing a career in music. Some students desire to
learn simply for fun and personal enjoyment. Those who
are interested in becoming proficient at sight-reading,
“playing by ear”, as well as in composing are equally
welcome. Many of our students are children brought to
school by their parents who value the importance of
music education in their child’s life. Other students are
novices and have never played before simply wishing to
learn to play a new instrument: piano, guitar or violin.
We are here to help each student achieve what he or
she desires wishes or dreams.


Music Our students will learn to not only read music, but to also understand music styles and genres
including discussions about various composers and musical instruments. They will also learn the
way music, literature, philosophy, mathematics, history or arts are interrelated.

Music Our Russian Music Academy has a prolific music library where you can find a myriad of
compositions including classical, romantic, contemporary, pop, rock, jazz, American, Chinese,
French, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, in addition to soundtracks and theme songs from
       movies, cartoons or video games.

Music Our instructors work closely with parents so they can help their children practice
effectively between lessons.
For the best outcomes young beginners should practice for at
least 20 minutes, level I and II musicians at least 30 minutes, level III and IV at least 45
       minutes and advanced level musicians at least 60 minutes no less than five days a week.

Music Students wishing to pass MTAC test are welcome to do so with Russian Music Academy
teachers help upon parent specific request. Students who qualify for participation in Festivals
or Competitions
are usually selected by the teacher. Those who desire to participate in
       such events should bear in mind that they have to be disciplined, diligent and spend more time
       for practicing.

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